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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Family Photographers - an afternoon at Beacon Hill Park

We just spent a couple of days in Victoria - it isn't often things line up so well, but son Steve was on a course to Royal Roads University and completing two weeks there, and daughter Karen moved to Victoria this past week.

Family times are precious, with son Steve living in the deep south (South Carolina) and I enjoy every opportunity to see him.  It was unique that at the same time Karen is beginning a new chapter in her life, and going back to school.  She has long had a dream to live in Victoria, and study at the University of Victoria, and now it has happened!

It was a quick trip, one afternoon spent all together, but quite delightful.

Brother and sister have always had a bit of competition, especially when it comes to photography.  They come by it honestly, their dad loving photography as well.  So they armed themselves with their cameras, shared lenses, and made fun of their mama and her little point and shoot camera... but I did some capturing of my own!  Good memories... and an afternoon I will remember with pleasure.

Here is some of MY photos!

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