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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to School!

   I visited Staples yesterday.  I know this is odd, but there is something about wandering down the aisles and seeing all that fresh paper, and pens and markers and other school supplies that is just inspiring.  What will that paper hold?  How will that ink be used?  Lovely possibilities...

  I reminded myself that I have a closet full of paper, all bought on sale of course, and more than enough pens.  And the last two years of school at Carey I did not print one hard copy of any essays written - all written and sent electronically.  Amazing, really...

  So in a few days, I'm back to school.  It was fun to graduate last year but I know I have so much more to learn.  A lifetime, really, but right now, it is just a course at a time.  This fall I will be studying those ancient manuscripts - The Old Testament.  I have been reading through it this summer - as fast as I can - but it is easy to get bogged down.  The stories are fascinating, but I get mired in the genealogies, and the laws are sometimes baffling.  It should be a great course..

  It is wonderful to be able to study on line.  There are so many possibilities open to the adult learner in our culture.  But personal contact is important too... so next week, I'm off to Vancouver to meet professors and get orientated and begin my learning.  Wondering if I should bring an Okanagan apple for the teacher??

  When I think of it, really, we are all students.  Students of life, each day a learning experience.  My teachers are vast... my little grandsons teach me about wonder and simplicity.  My garden teaches me about abundance, and I see the great artistry of God in each leaf, vegetable, and even the great variety of insects that live there... I am a student in my work place, and the people I see regularly teach me so much about life, and about dying, and about what is truly important.

  So I feel blessed to enter school again... I might not be riding a big yellow bus, or carry a heavy back pack, but when I see the children walking by my house loaded with books and possibilities, I can relate!  It's that time of year!

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