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Monday, September 10, 2012

For the love of Art..and all Created things

   My hubby and I were at the Annual Art Walk yesterday, held annually in Winfield, just a half hour from our home.  I am always amazed by this show... hundreds of art pieces by many talented artists from our surrounding community, it is a feast for the eyes.  Painting, sculpture, glass-work, clay, photography, fabric arts... it was all there.

   I actually felt overwhelmed - it was so much to take in.  I was so inspired by the colors, the textures, the imaginations, the labour of love and time and creativity.  Dabbling in art myself, I can appreciate the time, and even the vulnerability that goes into each piece - and then is displayed to be enjoyed, critiqued, and sometimes even purchased.  There are very few wealthy artists.  Most of them create for the love of it.

  I have come to believe there is something deep in me, really in all of us, that has a desire to create.  I know the periods in my life where I did not have time to pursue the creative side of me, I was restless and something was missing.  When I am able to tap into that creative part of me, there is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  That is not to say I am always happy with my creations!  Far from it!

  But there is something amazing about the process... becoming lost in my work, which I believe is very spiritual.  After all, God is the ultimate Creator, who says that we are created in His image... it is hard to fathom.  And if we are created in His image, I believe there is something in each of us that has that desire to create... perhaps not art as we think of it, but the vastness of creation encompasses so many things... from creating food, to landscapes, to creating beauty in a home, and the list goes on and on...

  As we drove home yesterday, in the Okanagan sunshine, I continued to drink in the beauty.  Kalamalka Lake was shimmering and full of light, the rolling hills and surrounding valleys full of texture and colour.  It is easy to become inspired.  Last night I picked a sunflower for our table; it is like picking a piece of sunshine and bringing it inside.  I can't imagine a world without colour, without shape, without texture.

  The earth sings,
      The trees dance in the wind
         The leaves sway and bow
The intricacy and detailed design
    Of all created things
        Speak to us of love,
            given lavishly, abundantly,
The ultimate gifts of a Creator God
   Who indwells in us
       and allows us to reflect back
          His perfect gifts.

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