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Saturday, November 24, 2012

No, it's Not Made in China...

   I often hear this comment at the Art Center where I hang out... 'It's not made in China".  The hours spent in the creative process of making a piece of art is many.  Each pottery piece I make is handled several times, in the shaping and forming, in the cleaning, in the preparation for firing, in the glazing, and finally ... holding my breath for a good result... in the glazing kiln.

  This isn't a factory, there isn't mass production (although some artists are amazing in their output!), it is mostly a labour of love and joy.

  As I write this piece I look at my own little creations which will be going into our annual Art Show and Sale, and there is a little piece of myself in each one...

  I'm not in it to make money.  I am happy if I am able to recoup enough to pay for my art habit, for clay and studio hours.  It is not so for some of my artist friends.  Many of them rely on this income to help them live, to help with daily expenses.  I feel for them.

  In our economy it is so easy to run to Walmart or a Dollar Store and get what we need for next to nothing. We don't want to think of the cost of labour, or working conditions overseas - and indeed that is a political discussion.  And all of us really have too much stuff anyway.  Our thriving thrift stores are testament to that.

  So what's my point?  There isn't one really... but if you are spending Christmas money this year, think about a local artist, one who has lovingly produced and created pieces of art, and recognize that the price you pay is probably a good bargain for all the hours that went into it.  It is one of a kind, not mass produced.

  There are some beautiful things to be had and treasured.  Or consider the gift of art lessons or music.  These are gifts that feed the soul.  Thoughts for today...


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