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Monday, November 12, 2012

Unsolicited Gifts... and a Solicitation

   My mail box is full these days.  I have received a number of sets of Christmas cards, all marked with various organizations hoping I'll return their kindness with a monetary gift.  I have more return labels than I will EVER use, some lovely notepads and even a gift bag.

   All unsolicited.  Very nice really, but it also annoys me if I am honest.  I didn't ask for this stuff, and I really don't want to feel guilty for not sending the money they hope to receive in return.  In fact, I'm quite suspicious if I do, the gifts will come even more often and freely  And I question the use of charities monies... how much is spent for these fund-raising efforts, gifts and return labels and seeds and who knows what else... and being sent to complete strangers.  When I send money, I really want it to go to the recipient.  Period!

  I believe in giving.  I want to give wisely.  I choose my charities carefully.  And I appreciate when they are open and honest about their finances and where the money goes.  I guess you could say, I want bang for my buck, I want to know that giving makes a difference.

  So because I hate to throw anything away, I will probably use those Christmas cards... not my choice, but they are sitting here.  Or I'll donate them to my local mission, perhaps someone can use them.  My grandsons can play with the return labels... great sticker material!

  On that note, I would like to share about an organization that IS dear to my heart.  New Hope started more than 15 years ago now, and has been faithfully supporting and providing services to widows, widowers and their families through drop-ins, retreats, their website, and many other ways.  They rarely ask for money, and I know they struggle financially, just to keep the little office open, and to pay for their part-time secretary.

  This weekend (Saturday, November 17th), they are holding their annual fund-raiser here in Vernon.  It is a lovely little concert featuring Celtic and country music by Abe and Mary Doerksen, and puppetry by Cindy.  There will be a silent auction and lovely desserts and Christmas baking to buy.  It is being held at the Vernon Christian Fellowship Church at 4507 29th Street. Everyone is welcome!

  But you don't have to attend to give... there is information on their web-site, and it is a little organization that keeps on going and giving and loving, and I want to love it back.  So if you are able, or have been helped by New Hope in the past, or know of someone who could use their services... look them up!  And I thank you. And yes, that was the solicitation!!

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