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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Peace on Earth?

   My day started off with a little accident yesterday... a very little accident.  I had just fixed my bowl of porridge with cinnamon and apples and honey, and it was sitting on the counter.  I went into the cupboard above it, and crash, down plunked a large spice jar, right into the porridge.  What a mess... but salvageable.   I actually imagined those big white roly-poly  men on that paper towel commercial and wondered if they were going to appear to clean up after me, but I did the job myself... and ate what was left of my porridge.

  If only life were so simple.....
  I had been pondering that little event, and how life does not go smoothly... and how do we find peace in the midst of it all...

  And then, I, with so many others, were deluged yesterday, December 14, with messages on Facebook of the unspeakable tragedy, of senseless murder of innocent children, the perpetrator scarcely an adult himself.  Social media has its good points.  It seemed that as the news spread, there was an uprising of prayer and uniting of  kindred spirits who joined hearts to pray, to send their support emotionally, to rise up against such incredible evil.

  My heart cried for them all... for the families who lost, for the families whose children were spared, but part of such horror, for the teachers who must have felt so helpless, and for the family of the young man who went on this rampage.  Why seems to be the question of the day... why, why, why?

  I work with sadness.  I hear lots of questions.  Most of which will never hit the media as did yesterday's tragic events.  And days like yesterday, tears wash over any traces of joy... and you really wonder about peace on earth.

  And yet, the angels promised... didn't they?  I keep thinking back to that first Christmas... and in spite of all the promises, life was not so simple.  Jesus and his parents fled Bethlehem for their lives - and King Herod went on a murderous rampage of innocent children.  Oh, how I hear the mothers crying for their children.  Oh Lord, have mercy!!

  As I dig deep for answers, for comfort, for peace, the only answer I seem to get is that there is a bigger picture. That God loves us, and weeps with us.  That He can give me peace in my heart, even in the messiness of life.  And sometimes it is really ok to ask why, to weep with those who weep, to embrace those who hurt.

  Peace on Earth?  Perhaps it is more about peace in my heart.  Peace that we can share and pass on and strive for, peace that battles the darkness, that reigns over injustice, peace that frees the oppressed, and overcomes the oppressor.  Perhaps it isn't the idyllic picture of snow and Christmas lights and everyone getting along... no, it is more of an action word, an intention to live peaceably in a broken world.  An everyday word that goes beyond Christmas and December but for every day of our lives.


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