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Friday, January 18, 2013

Be Silent

  I woke up this morning with these words in my head, and they have been hovering ever since... "Be Silent, be silent, be silent before Him."  It turns out they are part of an old Hymn, "The Lord is in His Holy Temple" (William James Kirpatrick) , that I used to play often as a prelude in my church-piano playing days.  It comes from a verse from Habakkuk 2:20 in the Old Testament.

  I know now that Amy Grant also recorded that song, and we have played it many times.

  The words have not left me and I have pondered them all morning.  One of the devotionals I read earlier this week by Henri Nouwen talked of taking all our thoughts and turning them into prayers.  I was trying to practice that this morning, and sometimes it is like trying to herd a thousand cattle into a tiny coral... I can hear the baying of cattle, and really, it isn't silent at all.

  Even in the silence of the morning, my mind can be noisy.  The pressures of the day, the uncertainties of life, the cares we have for people we love dearly all can weigh heavily and chase the mind in all sorts of directions, not all of them pleasant.

  So as I lay there, at first light, I tried to practice turning those thoughts into prayers.  And this ancient verse turned hymn, kept singing in my head... "Be silent... be silent."  And it seemed to me God saying... I am enough just for today... so I lay in silence and thought on that for a while.

  So off I go... with those words in my heart, and I thought I'd share them for encouragement as well.  God is enough.  Be silent before Him.  Let His quietness and peace settle our hearts.


Liz Friedrichsen Hromek said...

I often wake up with a song or old hymn going through my mind and I think it's God's way of leading me, giving me some guidance or inspiration for the day. This happened especially during my time of grief when I would lay in bed trying to cope with getting up and facing the day. The Lord would then place the lyrics of an encouraging piece of music in my mind to encourage me and help sustain me throughout the day. Thanks for your words Grace. I often read your blog and enjoy your thoughts and writings. Liz

Anonymous said...

The Sound of Silence - used to listen to it in my Simon and Garfunkel days. We don't value silence, or rather the cessation of noise. Noise means we don't have to contemplate anything meaningful. Silence means we can now hear our heartbeat, and more important, God's heartbeat. And what can be more important than hearing God's heartbeat.

Grace said...

Nice to hear from you Liz! I appreciate the encouragement and agree... I have often felt God speaking to me gently through a song or some remembered thing.

Thank you too, Laurie for your thoughts on this.