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Friday, January 4, 2013

Dread... or Dream?

  It's just one little letter.  But a pretty big typo in the stuff of life.

  Thinking about possibilities has created all kinds of rabbit trails in my mind.  Possibilities is all about looking ahead, about daring to dream.

  Instead the mind can be a container for dread.  Tough stuff happens.  It is true.  But when the mind begins to fill with the what ifs, and we have insurance for every possible circumstance, and we live in a safety crazed society, it is hard not to live with dread on some level.  It is on the news, it is on the advertisements... don't fall off the ladder, watch where you are going, watch what you eat, are you really exercising enough?  ... perhaps I should just throw out the TV?

  I've done my share of fear-based living.  I know what it is to live in dread.

  I really want to drop the d and replace it with an m.

  Does that fit with reality?  The mind is a powerful thing.  Can I dare to dream, and yet live in the messiness of life?

  In this time of year where darkness is greater than light,  I see many people struggling... with illness, with viruses, but even as prevalent, with sadness and despair.  How does one offer the gift of hope?  The ability to dream?  To see beyond the this life to a Creator God who believes in us, who loves us as a father or mother loves a child?

  Perhaps finding the "m" in Dream involves loving oneself, and daring to dream that life can be good.  Today,  and tomorrow.  I recently was reacquainted with a friend I had not seen in years.  As we sat in the coffee shop today and caught up, we reviewed all the good things in our lives... the gifts of family and God's goodness to us, and it seemed so apparent.  Sometimes we just have to step back and see it from another perspective.  That there is goodness all around us.

  And it is good to dream and enjoy what is today... and to look forward to tomorrow with hope.


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val warkentin said...

thanks sis - i love this!