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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Embracing today

  As January has seemed to drag on (for me anyway), it has been a time of waiting.  We are joyously awaiting the birth of one grandchild, and had some concerns about health and well-being of another of our children.  The knowing, the praying for, the waiting; it simmers in the mind as we continue in the everyday... the continuing of the normal routines of life; work, sleep, play.

  I am so looking forward to sidewalks that are not icy and warmer temperatures so I can enjoy the outdoors again.  I find I am not motivated when I am cold, or when it is dark.  I tend to want to sink in and hibernate and think I would have managed just fine as a bear, thank you.

  So in this mood of waiting... waiting for news, waiting for baby, waiting for spring, I was thinking today about how to just love today.  Today is always a gift.  Today is the treasure I have now.  It holds the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow, but it is all I have, right now.

  I came across an amazing quote today by Frederick Denison Maurice, from The Prayer-Book and the Lord's Prayer.  Maurice, who lived in the 1800's says: "God has brought us into this time;  He, and not ourselves or some dark demon.  If we are not fit to cope with that which He has prepared for us, we would have been utterly unfit for any condition that we imagine for ourselves.  We are to live and wrestle in this time, and in no other.  Let us humbly, tremblingly, manfully look at it, and we shall not wish that the sun could go back its ten degrees, or that we could go back with it."

  Well, the manfully part was a little outdated, perhaps I might use the word courageously?  But such challenging thoughts... for today.

  We often joke that we have been born in the wrong century.  In fact my husband and I had that conversation just this morning as we lay in bed sipping our morning coffee.  And then I reminded him that we would likely NOT be in bed sipping coffee, but might be out at the outhouse, or chopping wood for that fire that we would have to build to make our coffee... which certainly would not have been programmed to brew the night before!

  No, we live in a very privileged age.  As I trust myself to a God who is sovereign, who knows all, who knows my comings and goings, who loves me deeply, I also can trust that he knows my todays and my tomorrows.  There is peace in that.  In accepting today with all it's uncertainties and challenges, and with it's joys.  Today I was privileged to meet a little one day old baby in the Maternity Ward... and heard the story of her miracle birth.   As I looked on with awe, I was reminded again of God's plan...and know I can trust in that for all of my todays... and tomorrows.

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Anonymous said...

letting u know i dropped by as u requested. is there something we can pray for - you mentioned you were waiting on the safe arrival of a grandchild but also concerned about one of your children.

Good reading again.