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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Whether Merry or Not, it is a Heartfelt Greeting of Love

I penned this poem in 2011, preparing for a Christmas Service at the hospital.
I searched, in vain, for a suitable poem that would fit the mood for those who might not be so merry, for whom the season is challenging.  So I wrote my own...

And it is the same, every year.  There are those who are very sick, or caring for those who are.  There are those who grieve.  Those who are lonely. 
Those who miss their families, or who long for closer relationships.

The "perfection" of Christmas can be a downer, for it never will or can be perfect.

So, although we sing "holly jolly", and "merry", I write this for the those who might struggle at times with the season.  And wish you Peace and Comfort in a broken world.

Christmas Poem

They say “Merry Christmas”
but not all is so bright

somewhere there are soldiers in terrible plight
somewhere there is a child 
who is hungry and cold
And doesn't know Christmas the way the story is told.

There are those who are grieving
for someone who has died
And the empty space in their hearts cannot be denied

Oh they say “Merry Christmas”
but not all are well,
There are some who are sick,
 either in body or soul
And Christmas can definitely take a great toll.

And yet, if you think to that first Christmas morn
Not all was that merry before Christ was born.
Mary and Joseph a long journey to take
A baby was coming, much was at stake.

No room to be found, no comforts of home
The Christ child was born in the midst of a barn
The mystery of Christmas, that God would be man
Could Mary and Joseph really understand?

We look back to that Christmas
 with awe and with wonder
And like Mary, we stop and we ponder.

Perhaps the true Christmas begins in the heart
Not always merry, but where hope finds its start

There is hope in the Christ child,
And faith, peace and love
May the true spirit of Christmas
Touch us from above.   

–Grace Wulff December 24 2011

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Christmas Gift Made with Many Hands

  A few years ago now, I came upon an idea to recycle old Christmas cards and turn them into little woven paper stockings.

  I loved the idea and this is the third year I have used them to encourage and cheer hospital patients and our elderly at the extended care.


  Last year I showed this idea to the lovely group of quilting ladies who also provide me with quilts to give away occasionally... which is another wonderful story.  Well, they took it to heart and last spring, I was given a LARGE bag, FULL, of Christmas stockings, each stitched together with love.  

  Last month, I attended another party of women, whom I love to hang out with from my own church.  They had decided to do a service project, so I asked them to help me fill these stockings.  So they came, armed with candy-canes and ribbon and together we put together 200 stockings, ready to hand out for Christmas giving.

Part of the work that night was to trim, add ribbon, or add punch art to the Christmas bookmark I had designed for this years gift.  

  What a fun evening that was, and in one hour, all was done.

  This week I asked some of the volunteers to join me, and we caroled on one of the floors at the hospital, and it was moving... the joy of the carolers, and the response of those who joined us, many in hospital for weeks and weeks.  

  And next week a larger group of carolers will be meeting in a couple of our extended care facilities... and again we will share the songs of Christmas and hand out these little gifts.  And the rest will go to other hospital patients, throughout this Christmas season.

  I'm not sure I'll even have enough... but that is easy to remedy.

  This has been a JOY project... in the midst of long-term suffering for many, we are able to infuse some care and joy, and even lift the hearts of those dedicated staff members who care for these people.  And it brought so much JOY to us, those who crafted, and sang.

  And it is an easy gift for anyone to make... even children!  Just take an old Christmas card, cut both the front and back together to shape a stocking, punch holes all around with a hole punch (I found it easier to paperclip it together to hold it in place), and weave together with wool or coloured yarn.  Tie the yarn on both ends together so it can be hung.

  A bookmark and a candy-cane fit in very nicely.

  Merry Christmas, and thanks to all who participated in this Christmas project for 2014!!

Monday, December 1, 2014



I live in a frozen world.

We adapt
Us Canadians
And everything is relative.
It is always colder somewhere else.

The current fashion
Features scarves, boots
Flannel is friendly

We boast about our heated seats
And dream of warm vacations

Sometimes I wonder
I am born here
Not there
I am Caucasian
I am woman
I am relatively rich
Not poor.

If cold at times.

Do those who are born to the other
Wonder about my life?

The best gift of all
Is breath

Breath for all
Wherever, whoever.

I embrace the life I've been given

But choices can always be made.

To share of my abundance
To be grateful

Today, grateful for warmth and light
Even in the midst of
The coldest weather.