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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Brevity and Life


I laughed
Youth on my side
Tiddly winks and hop scotch

Music, books
Trust and safety
Weekly roast beef Sunday dinners
Watching papa preach
And dusting ancient pews

This is the stuff
Of my childhood.

Awareness grows
Ideals churn
A romantic heart
Where dreams are birthed
And the teen grows up

Motherhood softens
Ideals sharpen into reality
Little people grow up
With ideas and dreams of their own.

And the child becomes a grandmother.

The stuff of life
Lessons learned
And in some ways

It feels like life has just begun.

I hold brevity in one hand
And new beginnings
Full of hope
In the other.

Both sacred

For today
Is always a gift

A gift
I receive and share
In communion
With the Giver of life
And those who are present.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Time to Make Soup

There are days

When the world seems slightly mad

Well, maybe more than
slightly mad

"Nobody knows the trouble I've seen", Louis Armstrong crooned...
and it is true.

We all have our own set
of troubles
in a broken world.

And are oft overwhelmed
By the troubles and sorrow we see
All around us.

And days like today
when the sky is grey
and the heart sad

It is time to make soup.

It came to me
as I began to wash
and peel
and chop.

And in the peeling
and chopping
and filling the pot

the healing begins.

God's resources
nutrients for the body
and soul.

And as I stir
and blend

And the simmering begins
And the smells fill the house

It is sometimes in the simple doing
the being
The nourishing of our hearts

That in some small way we
can help
to heal ourselves
and to heal the earth.

Soup meant to be shared
A gift of comfort
and love.
Healing agents
in a broken world.

It is time
to make soup.

Nobody knows the trouble that I've seen
Nobody knows my, my sorrow
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Glory hall-glory hallelujah

Sometimes I'm up and sometimes I'm down
Oh yes, Lord
You know sometimes almost to the ground
Oh yes, yes, Lord

If you get there before I do
Oh, oh yes Lord
Don't forget to tell all my friends I'm comin' too
Whoa, oh yes, Lord.

Lyrics by Sam Cook, sung by Louis Armstrong.  Check it out on UTube.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Prayer for Wisdom

Dear Lord, Please grant me Wisdom.

King Solomon prayed this prayer, and it is a prayer I need to pray, often.  Today as I thought about it, I put this prayer into words.

I pray for WISDOM.
  Wisdom for LIFE.

Wisdom to live well,
  in this body God has created for me.

Wisdom to know how to care for myself
  as I work
    as I eat
     as I move
        as I rest.

Wisdom in relationships
   for those I love,
         those closest to me
   for those I work with
      and play with
        and worship with.

I pray for Wisdom
   as a citizen of this world
    even as I call Heaven my home to be.

I pray for wisdom
   to care for the poor
   to know how to show mercy
   and call for justice for the oppressed.
I pray for Wisdom to be a loving neighbour
   in my neighbourhood
     in my community
       in my country
          in the world in which I live.

I pray for Wisdom
  God's wisdom, not my own.
That Wisdom would be a loud voice,
  a clear voice...
   in a world of many voices
     and opinions.

I pray for Wisdom
  for how to love
    for how to live.
      for how to Be.


"How blessed is the man (woman) who finds wisdom.  And the man (and woman) who gains understanding.  For her profit is better than the profit of silver and her gain better than fine gold." From Proverbs 3

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Beauty and Fragility

It's been a snowy start to January.

Not unusual, of course, where we live.  Ski-lovers and snow enthusiasts are very happy, and I for one, enjoy seeing pictures of them having fun. From the comfort of my warm home.

My back reminds me of previous skiing injuries, and I'm not anxious to join in any snow sports.  Which makes exercise a bit challenging this time of year.  One day I did walking loops all through my house and that felt better.  The Christmas chocolate has left it's mark!

Snow is beautiful.  I love seeing micro shots of a snowflakes shape, it is a wonder of nature, the creative art of God.  Snowflakes are also fragile.  Dainty, easily broken.

Yesterday I thought about the fragility of life as weather warnings abounded on my Facebook feed, and sadly reports of numerous accidents.  Our life is fragile.

I see this often, in my work.  Life is fragile... yet incredibly beautiful.  I have visited a number of dear elderly folk lately, beautiful souls that encourage me, and their prayer is inevitably that they be ushered into their heavenly home.  Their bodies, fragile, and breaking down.

This morning we read a devotion by Henri Nouwen which encouraged me.  It was about patience, something I don't easily pray for because I'm afraid of the lessons I need to get there!  But his thought was that the gifts are in the waiting.  When we are impatient, waiting for the next thing, we are not content with the place we are in.

This is a lesson that strikes home for me, again and again.  In the winter, both physically and metaphorically, we long for spring, we long for relief.  To be content in the now, in the fragility of life, to see beauty even in brokenness: these things bring contentment and joy.

I love that saying: "Life is fragile, handle with prayer". (Harold B. Lee)  Good advice.