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Saturday, May 28, 2016

A grandmother goes flying.

After all the excitement of last weekend and the ordination service, I went to the next thing.

Because our eighth grandchild had arrived and it was so very important for me to meet him. And to see his three year old brother!  And it has been wonderful  to have those infant snuggles and hang out with a very fun three year old boy who loves bubbles and cars.

Getting here was another story all together.

As some you know... I am not fond of flying. And yes, I've written about it before. So I have to reach into my storehouse of courage and tell myself it's no big deal.

And truly, I was doing fine. I had managed to have an uneventful first leg to Calgary, to find out my next flight was already boarding, and although I didn't get the food I needed, managed a bathroom break.

I managed the long flight to Toronto, sitting beside a nervous passenger, and thought I was calmer than she even though we endured patches of rather severe turbulence.

I survived landing in Toronto and managed to ask directions for immigration where a volunteer told me the system was new and complicated and she hoped I would do all right. What choice did I have? So after what seemed like a dozen checkpoints and showing my boarding pass and passport I was deemed safe to enter the States.

I found my gate, bought some food, and finally relaxed.

This was not a good idea.

I looked at my phone some time later thinking we should be boarding... And to my horror, the destination had vanished from the gate. I checked the monitors to find my gate had changed, and when I asked someone they said, oh that is WAY down.....at the end of this corridor. So I began to run... convinced I had missed my plane.

Dishevelled some ten minutes later I arrived at my destination... And after some brief discussion,  I determined my plane had not left. In fact it was late!  I sat down, collected myself, made some new friends with women who had pity on me... And we waited...

The attendant came out...

Another delay. After inspection, the plane's wheel needed replacing...they had to wait for a part... And another hour went by.

Hugging my grandchildren before bedtime was no longer a reality...

So finally, we were allowed on the plane. Weary travellers happily storing luggage and buckling up... And then a weird thing happened. Two passengers abruptly left the plane without explanation. The attendant called out to them,  it to my knowledge they just left... And we could see immediately this created a dilemma for the crew.

After lots of huddled consulting we were finally told they would have to account for all the bags on the plane. We cooperated. More conversation.

We were all asked to get off the plane. It was completely searched.

I was finished. I really did not want to get back on the plane. But what choice did I have?

The crew thanked everyone for their patience and deemed the plane safe for flying. But I happened to overhear a conversation between our attendant and another concerned passenger. The attendant said no..he had never experienced this situation before. And he personally had checked the plane carefully to see if anything had been left behind.  Because we were flying near the nations capital there seemed to be a higher risk. And although the B word was never used, he casually mentioned that these things tend to go off upon descent if they are going to.

I wished I was deaf. I wondered if these were my last moments. And with my great imagination I prepared myself for the end. Although I have great faith where I am going!!!

But I hated being alone. And I prayed would make it to my destination.
I read the Psalms and prayed for all of us.

And then... We arrived. Late, but in one piece. No pun intended.

I said once that I would face my fears and fly... For I knew of a grandmother who didn't see her grandchildren for years because of an ocean that separated them. So I have diligently collected air miles and talked bravely.

And I tell myself... And believe it too... that being with family is worth it all. Although I am considering renting a car and driving back...

Monday, May 23, 2016


Who am I?

A question asked
...and thought.

We often live
by our identity

I am human
created by God

that is the
whole story.

But in that story

I am a woman.
I am a daughter.
I am a sister.
I am a wife.
And I have been
A widow.
I am a mother
to the children of my womb
and others whom I love.

I am an auntie.
I am a grandmother.

I am an artist.
A lover of music.
A lover of words.
I am a writer
and poet.

I am a chaplain.
Passionate about care
and loving others.

We can get caught
in titles
in roles
in status
in achievement.

All of what I have
is a gift

A gift of the Creator
who made us all.

A human
created for love.

And that will always

- grace 2016

Sunday, May 15, 2016

It's Sunday!

Well, I'm writing this on Sunday...

If you are so kind as to read it it might be another day of the week!

I knew this spring would be full, and I made a promise to myself that I would discipline myself and write once a week... so the week has gone by, and I in it, and my heart is full.

But my words are few....

Sometimes that is a good thing.

I shared today at church about this beautiful verse, and I will share it here.  It is a beautiful thing to know that God calls us... and as God calls, and gives the invitation, we can say YES!

And then God equips us for life... all we need to do is ask.

Do I hear an Amen?  :-)

Have a blessed week!!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Relief and much Thankfulness

It has been a memorable week in our family, and for me personally.

It started off with some wonderful news. It was with prayer and anticipation we waited on Tuesday... for baby news!  And we were thrilled when we heard that our eighth grandchild, little Hudson Rivard was born Tuesday evening, close to Washington, DC.  He is the son of our eldest son Steven, his lovely wife Meggan whose birthday happens to be today, and a little brother to Andrew.

And we are thrilled for them.  I will see them soon... at the end of the month!

It has been wonderful to rejoice, even as we feel the distance from them, and wish we could be closer to help!

And in the midst of this, I was preparing for a very big event in my life on Friday as I was to stand before an Ordination Council with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada.  The Council was held in Vancouver, at the Carey Center on the UBC Campus.

As I went to pack on Wednesday night, I ran downstairs to grab my suitcase, to hear an ominous drip drip drip... and realized rather quickly that our hot water tank had chosen this week to retire.

I quickly turned off water, and was thankful my hubby arrived home moments later, and a flood was averted.  After a good cry and feeling rather sorry for myself that I couldn't have my hot bath, I realized there was much to be thankful for...

I don't go down there often... but I needed the suitcase.  We were going to be away... but I discovered it before I left... we were able to call the plumber JUST at closing time and he promised to come first thing in the morning.... and my hubby was off Thursday morning while I attended a ministry event and was able to be present when the plumber came.  So yes... thankful on many counts.  Maybe not so much for the bill, but the tank did give us almost 13 years of service.  :-)

And I did realize that with so many facing huge losses with the forest fires in Alberta, this was a very small inconvenience.

So on Friday....

It was probably one of the most meaningful and challenging events I have  participated in, and I was filled with gratefulness for everyone who prayed and supported me as I stood before this Ordination Council.  It has been the culmination of God's gentle leading, and feeling very called to Chaplaincy ministry. Lots of study and prayer.  And I am incredibly grateful for all who have stood with me and encouraged me on this journey.

And yes... I passed the examination.  Relief!!  And much gratefulness.

My verse for that day was:  "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness  Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me."  Such an encouragement...
  (2 Cor 12:9)

So thank you to those who prayed... those who were present with us, and those who rejoiced with us this week!  I am especially thankful for my church family (some of whom were there!) and dear friends who have prayed.  And it was also very special to have my Dad and sister Val present as well as my hubby Steve, who has stood with me with his faithful support.

 And for those who are interested there will be a service of Ordination on May 22 in the afternoon.  You can pm me for details.

And what to call me?  Grandma Grace of course... or GG will do too.  :-)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Bouquet of Thoughts for May Day

It is a beautiful day as I write this... warm sunny skies, wafts of children playing and celebrating a birthday near by; an eagle soaring overhead.  And it is May Day, which I know is a labour day in many countries, but as I've written before, for me it is a day of buttercups.

And true to her faithful self, my sister Valerie sent me a buttercup... by text.  And I loved it.  Because that is what we did for so many May 1st's together when we were little girls.  We picked posies of buttercups and celebrated Spring.

So here is a bouquet of thoughts for you today... because it seems I have a lot on my mind.

We were watching Downton Abby last night on Netflix, and I must admit, I'm hooked and find it a fine way to spend an hour with my husband.  I find it an interesting tale on many levels... a look at estate life in the early 20's and the changes that the upper class around the time of the first World War. Their world of entitlement was ending, and not all knew how to handle those changes.

And we were taken with a quote we heard last night, in a scene from the former chauffeur who had married into the family (which was scandal enough at the time), but he came to be loved by the family.  He had become "one of" the upper class by marriage, and struggled with loyalties to his past and his present.

In this scene, he stops to help a school teacher who has car trouble, and who has some opinions about the upper class! She tells him, "I never fancied their type", referring to his new family.  And he replies with such wisdom:  "I don't believe in types, I believe in people".  At least that is how we remembered it, and we were so taken with the thought.

How often do we sort people into "types", and forget to see the person, to hear their story?  It was good to be reminded that there is good in all people if we choose to look for it.

And even as I think about my "bouquet", I am again so taken with the variety of people God has made, as well as the incredible variety of everything we enjoy... food, flowers, insects, animals, all of creation.  It is truly amazing!!

On another completely different note, I was so taken with this scripture we sang this morning, from Psalm 19.  It is a prayer I have prayed in recent weeks, and it hit home this morning again as I sang the words.  "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to You, oh Lord, my rock and my redeemer.".

It is always good to examine the heart.  Is the language I speak, the thoughts I think, the way I treat others, pleasing to the God I love, the God who created me and redeemed me?  I pray so.

 I sketched these words today, to remember them, with buttercups, of course.  Because God has created beauty, flowers, spring, and life itself, all gifts I'm enjoying this very day.