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Monday, December 10, 2018

an Acrostic Poem of Peace for Advent

The second in words of Advent, this is an acrostic poem about peace.


  a Promise
by the ONE
   Who Is PEACE.
"My Peace I leave with you,
   do not be afraid!"

Even in the midst of
Emmanuel - God with us
   entering our world

  "I am with you, always", 
     Jesus said.
Able, Ageless, Abundant

as Close as our breath
Creating Calm
our Creator cares and provides for us

Everything we need,
   in the light of

-grace wulff 2018 advent thoughts

Monday, December 3, 2018

An Acrostic Advent

In my ponderings of Advent this year, I thought I'd attempt to write an acrostic poem each week to enter into this season of waiting.  

Here are my thoughts on this beautiful word "HOPE".

Hope involves the Heart
   a response
   of Yes
   in the midst of unknowing
   Yet, believing
   that all will be well.

   choosing light
      however faint
   over darkness.

   with trust and faith
      and courage to take
          the next step.

Ever present
   Encouraging, a knowing
   that we are held, loved
   by the One who is

-grace wulff 2018 advent thoughts